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Someone Once Told Me - Gallery - 05092014

Someone Once Told Me

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2555“When I was young I was taking ballet lessons and I had big dreams,” says Michele in her audio commentary.

”I was going to become a performer, I was going to write books, I was going to go off and see the world. But when I would go and study for classes I was serious. I wasn’t goofing around.

”At some point I had told everyone I was leaving town and I was going off to seek my fortune in all these different fields.

"Two of the people at my ballet school sat me down to have a serious talk with me, because they were concerned, they said, that I was going to flounder.

”They told me this. I just looked at them and said: ‘You don’t even know me’ because they didn’t. They just knew this serious ballet student. I just said: ‘OK, whatever’ and went off and did all the things I said I was going to do.

”I was actually told this another time, when I was getting into computer graphics and I ended up being very successful in that field. Don’t believe anybody who says that to you, because they don’t know you.”

Taken in New Orleans, USA during the SOTM World Tour.

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Roger Cusson

"Michele is an incredible gal. I have known her since her computer graphics days started. She is a pioneer in that field and done things that no one else has done. No one knows anyone well enough to give you advice, you must find your path from within."

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