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2005My story relates to the time I was in Barbados on my honeymoon. They have these open vehicles, so anyone can jump in or out. My husband and I were at a random part of the island and two men stopped us at a crossroads and jumped into the vehicle with us.

My husband wasnt concerned by this but I was starting to get a little bit petrified. They took us on a tour of the island for about an hour and a half. All the time Im thinking were going to get attacked, were going to get robbed, were going to get shot.

They took us to this house that was built in about 1955 and told us it was the oldest on the island, when it patently wasnt. It all ended up well, Im still here today, but it just shows that you dont stop at a crossroads to allow two men to jump in the back of your car.

Our lovely subject is Liz Wright, one of the organisers of the Scone Roses WI in Bedford, UK where this image was taken.

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