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2279“When I was 15 we changed schools, moving towns,” Hilary says in her audio clip.

”We went to a small high school in the country, where I knew one person who was a family friend. I hung out with her and her family friends.

”But they turned out to be the really cool, bitchy, terrifying girls and I was a nerd, but they didn’t realise for the first little while.

”After I’d been there a few weeks and hung out with them uncomfortably on the edge of the little group, they took me one lunchtime to a group of other girls who were much quieter, much nicer and nerdy and said this to me. And they left me there.

”And I was. It was really upsetting at the time, but afterwards I realised it was the best thing they could have done, and it set me up in much better stead for the rest of my life than hanging out with the bitchy girls ever could have.”

Taken in Melbourne, Australia on the SOTM World Tour.

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