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Someone Once Told Me

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2491“My story started in January when I went to the Maldives,” Kate says in her audio commentary.

”At that time I had a boyfriend in Germany and we were planning to move to Hamburg as soon as I came back. The plan was that me and him were going on a very, very big trip to different countries. We wanted to meet in July to travel through Asia.

”We had all the flights already booked for part of it, all the hotels and stuff. He also came to the Maldives to visit me. One month before we wanted to meet in Malaysia at the start of the trip, I just talked to my friend Lisa.

”She travelled a lot herself and I was jealous, I realised that I also want to have this life. I don’t only want to travel, I really want to go to some places to live there. One night we had this conversation that, actually, the only thing bringing me back home to Germany would be my boyfriend.

”We talked a lot and finally she said this to me in German. This sentence was actually the reason why I called my boyfriend that evening and broke up with him. That’s why I’m now, six months later, in Thailand and enjoying my life.”

Taken in Khao Sok national park in Thailand, during the SOTM World Tour.

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