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This Could Be Big!

1000This is the 1,000th SOTM to appear on the site, a number that exceeds my original target of 365. Many thanks to everyone who's supported the site thus far.

To mark the occasion, here is Jason Calacanis, internet entrepreneur, blogger and founder of Silicon Alley Reporter, Weblogs, Inc., TechCrunch50 and among others.

He kindly agreed to pose for SOTM, explaining that someone walked up to him in 1997 at an event he was doing for Silicon Alley Reporter in New York, and said this.

“Whatever you’re capable of imagining [as] 10 times, 100 times bigger, then double it, and that’s really what is possible,” he says in his audio commentary in reference to anyone starting up a project. Taken at the Crowne Plaza in Royal Victoria Dock, London.

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"Awesome, Mario! This is a wonderful site and I enjoy it everyday. May it continue as long as you like."


"Well Done Mario. Who knew it would still be going all these years later! So good!"

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