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Your Voice Makes Angels Smile

1090Morgan Davis sent this in from Tybee Island, Georgia, in the USA. She wrote: “I was having a bit of a rough time. I was singing absentmindedly, and one of my friends heard me. She asked me, ‘Are you singing?’ I nodded, and this is what she said. I was considering a singing position in a band at the time, but hadn't told anyone.

"Achyutta's saying this to me convinced me to do it, and we won second place at a statewide talent competition. I've written this on my mirror in dry-erase. To this day, whenever I'm having a hard time, I look at the quote. Taken in a condo in Tybee Island, Georgia while on vacation (I'm from Bogart, Georgia).”

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"surely this calls for an audio clip "

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