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2125“Shortly after I met Umesh and we started dating, he invited me to his cousin’s wedding,” explains Angela Shankar.

“To properly attend the wedding I had to wear several different sarees for the occasion. So I spent some time with his mum who was helping me choose some really beautiful sarees out of her collection.

”As she was pulling out different sarees – they’re all very, very meaningful – she showed me the sarees she wore for her wedding, and when Umesh was born, things like that.

She pulled out this gorgeous, grand saree that just happened to be my favourite colours, very bright red and gold, it was just stunning. She then said this to me – and that was it. Close the bag, put it away, showed me something else. Little did I know at that moment I would actually get to wear it someday.”

Taken on Pont Louis Philippe, Paris, France on the SOTM World Tour. You can see her husband Umesh's SOTM here.

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