Someone Once Told Me

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"Someone once told me: "The last thing you learn about yourself is the effect you have on other people." Emilie: Your story will stay with me, reminding me to try to always be kind, caring and suppor"

Annalie Killian

"Reading this as a parent of 2 teenage daughters, and the things one sometimes say to provoke a reaction, but always motivated from deep concern for the welfare and future of your child, ....I shudder."


"i still cant belive it emilie even reading this makes me almost cry but you know me im to macho haha ill never forget you and thank you to the owner of this site for this "


"Hearing your voice again is comforting. I miss you so much Emilie."


"What a powerful statement. I'm going to miss you loads, Emilie. I will always remember our love for dry humour and your love for cupcakes and colourful tights :) Love you xx"


"This is powerful."


"I remember Em telling me about the argument, she named her blog 'Directionless', too. I still can't believe she's gone. I'm gonna miss her always "


"RIP Emilie :( xo"


"Thanks for this Mario I know she would really apreciate it."


"Before reading the text, my first impression of the photo, and the message itself, was very clear: Wow, how many times have I heard people tell me that?. Then I read what you wrote and I connected"

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